Allow Burton EMS to navigate the complex electronics supply chain for your company.  Leverage our 45+ years of expertise and experience in Supply Chain Management to maximize efficiencies, minimize cost and allow your company to focus on what it does best. 

Problems solved by Burton EMS Supply Chain Management

  • Product Obsolescence Challenges
  • Component Lifecycle Complications
  • Need for Risk Management on Supply Chain
  • Concerns about counterfeit parts
  • Lead time variability and delivery delays
  • Production interruptions due to unexpected shortages
  • Fragmented Supplier Data creating sourcing issues

Procurement as a Service – Supply Chain Solutions from Burton EMS 

Expertise you can trust

The Burton EMS team consists of seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge of the electronics supply chain.  The individuals in our inventory, engineering and purchasing departments ensure that the best  decisions are made on your behalf in everything from procurement to distribution.

End to end solutions

Bonded material planning and stocking opportunities allow your business to react to spikes in demand and shortages ensuring that unforeseen issues in the electronics component supply chain do not affect you or your customers. We’ll simplify your current supply chain and our engineering services will suggest solutions to problems like cost, availability or obsolescence before they become a problem.

Cost Efficiency

By outsourcing your supply chain management to Burton EMS, you can achieve significant cost savings by leveraging our supply chain, spend and relationships with suppliers. This results in on-time deliver based on our partner relationships.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our BOM Health report will help mitigate risk and assess obsolescence and Not Recommended for New Design (NRND) components. This report, which is gathered using cloud-based technology that combines the results of several supplier APIs and databases, will identify and suggest additional components to eliminate limited-source or single-source parts. And our BOM Health Report isn’t just a generalized report created by a computer.  At Burton EMS, we believe in our motto People Driven.  Our engineers meticulously analyze your report and ensure you receive the most insightful data for your decision-making process.

Our BOM Health Report will help you understand supply chain issues and allow your team to make data driven decisions regarding the design, development and manufacture of your assembly.

Innovation Enablement

Burton EMS SCM fosters collaboration and innovation among supply chain partners, driving continuous improvement and product innovation. By leveraging insights from suppliers, manufacturers, and customers, electronics businesses can stay ahead of market trends and deliver cutting-edge solutions.

People Driven Communication

By choosing Burton EMS for your Supply Chain Management needs, you’ll get a single point of contact backed by an experienced team with decades of experience in supply chain management. Our specialists in engineering and procurement will communicate through one point of contact streamlining your communication and ensuring that Burton thoroughly understands your business needs and goal. Contact Burton EMS at Supply Chain Management | Burton EMS to find out how we can help you through the supply chain process.