Market Conditions Report Quarter 1, 2024

Summary of Quarter 1 Market Conditions Report: -Batteries:  Stable pricing and stable lead times: 10-20 weeks -Connectivity:          -Wi-Fi Modules: Stable pricing with mixed lead times: 12-50 weeks          -Bluetooth Modules: Stable pricing with mixed lead times: 12-50 weeks   -Discretes: Decreasing lead times with stable pricing: 8-52 weeks              -Overall decrease in lead times and pricing […]

Market Conditions Report Quarter 4 2023

Batteries- Stable pricing and lead times: 16-24 weeks Connectivity-    Wi-Fi Modules: Stable pricing with some mixed trends in lead times: 20-52 weeks    Bluetooth Modules: Stable pricing with stable lead times: 26-50 weeks Discretes- Decreasing lead times with stable pricing: 12-52 weeks Electromechanical-            Switches: Stable pricing with stable lead times: 12-32 weeks    Fans: Stable […]

Market Conditions Report- Quarter 2 and 3 2023

As the economy and consumer habits shift, so has the supply chain. In many areas, reduced lead times with stable pricing are occurring. High-end products continue to have long lead times with some decline in the near future expected. Here at Burton EMS, we continue to suggest long term forecasts from our customers to ensure […]

Optimum Flexibility at Competitive Cost: Four Key Areas to Analyze

Supporting variable demand and staying flexible in production schedules to serve our customers takes a multifaceted approach. This article covers the four areas that synergize at Burton Industries to ensure every customer receives their product when they need it. As systems have evolved to have real-time visibility for raw material availability, demand predictions, and production […]

Maximizing Employee Potential

A key concept of Lean manufacturing philosophy is differentiating between value-added and non value-added activity. Within that category is the concept of necessary non value-added activity or activities that are necessary, but don’t add value to the products being built. Supervision is considered a necessary, non value-added activity. While management involvement in the production process […]

Cutting Time in Product Development

Nowhere is the phrase “time is money” more accurate than in product development. A slow product development cycle can increase engineering costs, material costs and marketing costs. When design and manufacturing are outsourced, some original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) see design and manufacturing as distinctly different areas. The reality is that close collaboration among the customer’s […]

Stocking Arrangements to Mitigate Supply Chain Disruption

Material constraints continue to add challenges to electronics manufacturing. That said, the team at Burton Industries has implemented stocking arrangements with many of our customers designed to ensure that product will be available even when spikes in end market demand or further changes in material availability impact forecast assumptions. Our latest whitepaper, Common Stocking Arrangements […]

Are Legacy PCBAs Costing Your Company Money?

While many consumer-focused electronic products have lifecycles of only six months, products that are highly regulated or utilized in industrial applications with limited need for frequent revision may have long lifecycles. So long, in fact, that they may still incorporate component technology that is several decades old. Burton Industries’ latest whitepaper looks at ways that […]