Industrial Controls

When there’s no time for downtime, count on Burton.

Every industrial control powered by a Burton PSBA has the same mission: total reliability throughout its entire lifecycle. The cost of a faulty control is simply unacceptable: production down time, expensive repair time, and potential safety issues for the customer.

That’s why automation and instrumentation companies depend on Burton. Our quality controls ensure the consistent performance and system reliability of their controls. Our ability to manage fail-safe innovation has been trusted for decades by companies in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, oil and gas, power, utilities and energy.

Our experience in controls includes:

  • Temperature, humidity, VOC controls, detection
  • Measurement & Weighing
  • Fuel Storage monitoring
  • Printing
  • Agriculture
  • Building controls

Your Burton team will help manage it all:

  • Supply chain
  • Inventory and procurement
  • Testing
  • Prototyping
  • Design and redesign for enhanced performance
  • Meet customer demands