BEST’s (Business Electronic Soldering Technologies) Mobile Training Center, which houses a mobile solder training lab, once again made our parking lot its home for two weeks in October. Ten employees attended two days of IPC-610, and six attended five days of IPC Certification in IPC-771/7721 (rework & repair).

Photo of IPC Mobile Training Center, a large truck with a graphic on the side and a trailer that serves as the training center.

IPC Certification, or Institute for Printed Circuits, is a certification that sets the industry standard for excellence in the electronics industry. IPC is a global association for the electronic manufacturing industry. IPC soldering certification brings value to our customers and continued training for our employees. IPC Certification provides several benefits, including:

  1. Consistent assembly of each product through the production process will reduce costs. Consistent processes will reduce costs by decreasing the number of rebuilds and reworks and improving efficiency. 
  2.  Consistency in standards is the building block of production efficiency and high-quality products. The organization’s level of consistency matches that of the industry best practices when employees practice industry standards. 
  3.  IPC certification ensures the same terminology and standards are used between all vendors in the supply chain. With streamlined processes and language, production time and coordination are at their highest level. 

Funds awarded through the Michigan Going Pro 2023 Grant were used to support this training. The Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity awards grants annually to employers through the Michigan Works! program. Training programs for new or existing employees approved through the grant program include classroom, customized, on-the-job training, and apprenticeships. This talent fund is developed to offer support to Michigan’s employers for continuous development of employees for future growth.