Employees from Burton EMS have been participating in the Introduction to Manufacturing Basic Operations class at Gogebic Community College, located in Ironwood, Michigan. As the students work through topics such as Blueprint Reading, Basic Electrical Circuits, Voltage and Current Measurements, Electrical Control Diagrams, Basic Robot Operation, and Programming, they use work experience to complete weekly projects. Employees chosen for this class are in leadership roles or are advancing into leadership roles here at Burton EMS.

Introduction to Manufacturing Basic Operations class is a part of the Mechatronics Program started by Gogebic Community College to help address the workforce shortage in the electronics industry. This class lasts approximately eight to twelve weeks and begins on a rolling basis. Students are required to participate in labs located at the Skilled Trades Center for a couple of hours per week, with the remaining coursework having the option to be flexible and self-paced.

As stated on the GCC Mechatronics web page, the definition of Mechatronics is a unique set of skills that combines mechanics, electronics, and computing to meet the needs of manufacturing today. Since Mechatronics combines electrical, computer, mechanical, and control industries, the skills learned enhance the skill set needed at Burton EMS. This class is open to anyone interested in transitioning to a manufacturing career or who is already in manufacturing and wants to develop current skills.

An example of the coursework:

Topic: Relay Control Circuits  

  Objective 1: Function of Electromechanical Relay 

  Objective 2: Describe the Operation of an Electromechanical Relay and Give Its Ladder Diagram Symbol 

  Objective 3: Describe How to Read and Interpret Ladder Diagram Detached Symbology

Skill: Connect and Operate a Relay

Students learn about the functions of electromechanical relays, apply their knowledge in computer simulations, and then show their skills in a lab setting on an AC/DC Electrical Learning System. Once all items are complete, the student is certified and can move on to the next topic.

Burton EMS is excited to continue participating in this program to enhance knowledge, skills, and leadership within its employee base. More information on this program is at https://gogebic.edu/community/mechatronics.html.

If you are looking for a new career in the Ironwood, Michigan area, follow the following link for open positions at Burton EMS: www.burtonems.com/careers